Diversey Suma Scale D5.2 Scale Romover, Case Of 2 Cans of 5 litre


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  • Formulated for effective descaling
  • Regular usage as recommended will increase efficiency and life of equipment
  • Leaves fittings clean and shiny
  • Non-perfumed. Leaves no taint or smell on descaled items
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Quantity - 100
  • This high quality descaler and disinfectant destroys lime scale on kitchen equipment, to leave it looking like new.
  • The formula cleans while it descales to leave your kitchen sparkling.
  • This descaler can also be used on utensils and dishwashers and comes complete with generous 5 litre yield.
  • Suma Scale D5.2 Descaler Concentrate. SUMA SCALE is a super concentrated acidic cleaner for the removal of lime-scale from kitchen equipment like dishwashing machines, steamers, water-heaters, kettles, tea and coffee urns, etc. It can also be used for descaling sinks, pipe fittings, etc.
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Package Information(2 x 5 lit)
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