Duracell Alkaline AAA Battery with Duralock Technology - 4 Pieces


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  • Lasts upto 10 times longer vs Ordinary Zinc Carbon Batteries
  • 100% Checked against Leakage
  • Operates over a wider range of temperature
  • Provides suitable power for devices like HP Toys, Flashlights, etc
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Quantity - 100
  • Duracell AAA batteries are multi purpose alkaline batteries ideal for reliably powering everyday devices.
  • These batteries give you the freedom to enjoy the use of your appliances by giving you a product you can rely on.
  • You can use Duracell's reliable and upto 10 times longer lasting power in regularly used devices such as digital cameras, portable games consoles, shavers, remote controls, CD players, motorized toys, flashlights, toothbrushes, etc.
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Package InformationPack Of 1
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