Digitek ECR 6 - Nano for AA / AAA - 2'S CAP


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Envie N.A.N.O Charger and 2xAA 1000mAh Ni-CD batteries are moulded for sturdiness and competent execution.

The N.A.N.O Charger can power up 1 or 2xAA/AAA batteries and is featured with individual charging slot.

This pack includes 2xAA 1000mAh Ni-Cd batteries that offer for greater efficiency.

This overnight charger is made with bendable indian plugs and is reasonable in cost with output current of 180mA.

As it is are capable of handling varied voltage spectrum of 100 - 240 volts it can be carried along while one is on the move.

Output current 180mA for AA/AAA.

Improper operation may cause electric shock, prevent from reverse polarity, This charger should be placed beyond children reach.

It cannot be disassembled or assembled by unprofessional.

Use it between temperatures 0 degree celsius to 40 degree celsius.

Indoor use only, do not use it under sunshine or rain.


Over night charger

World wide voltage 100 - 240 volts

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