Digitek ECR 4 - Polo for AA / AAA / 9V - 4'S CAP


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PACKAGE CONTENTS: 4 AAA 1100 mah rechargeble batteries (MRP:Rs.600/-) 1 9V 300 mah recgargeble battery (MRP: Rs 400/-) 4 AA 2100 mah rechargeble batteries (MRP: Rs. 800/-) 1 ECR-4 charger suitable for charging AAA/AA and 9V batteries.

(MRP: Rs.300/-) BATTERY INFORMATION · Ready to Use

 Excellent Quality, Flawless performance 

Ideal for flashlight, radio users offering high performance and greater runing time.

 It cost less than a penny in electricity to charge a set of 2 rechargable batterries.

Rechargeable batteries can be used 1000 times and low discharge rate.

BATTERY SPECIFICATION : Envie Ni-mh Rechargeable AAA Batteries x 4 1100mAh RTU INFINITE PLUS Envie

Infinite : 1 X PP3 size 300mAh 9V Ni-Mh Rechargeable Batteries Envie Ni-mh Rechargeable AA Batteries x 4 2100mAh RTU INFINITE CHARGER INFORMATION Features This ECR-4 charger can charge 2/4 pcs AA/AAA & 1pc of 9V Rechargeable Batteries.

2 LEDs shows the charging process of its corresponding charging slot, but will not turn off when batteries are fully charged.

Two individual charging slots, Batteries can't be mixed either in sizes or capacities.


Brand Envie
Item Weight 499 g
Item part number ECR-4
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Vendor Item CodeONLY CHARGER
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